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Zeitschrift und Lupe. Lupe vergrößert einen ausschnitt. Lesbar ist Science, Technology und Energy Lab 2.0S. Geißler, KIT
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Some of the videos and articles were published in German language. If an English version is available, it is linked – if not, you might see the German version.


Online Release

Future Energy system: Federal Research Minister Starts Large-scale Simulation at KIT 10/2022
Energy Transition: A smart power grid 07/2022
Sustainability in Higher Educations: Clean energy with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 03/2022
Campus Report "Nicht mehr von Hand" (Podcast) 10/2021
Synthetic Fuels: Successful Coupled Operation of Container Plant System at KIT 07/2021
How to Make Carbon-Neutral Gasoline Out of Thin Air 05/2021
Energiekosten senken im intelligenten Haus der Zukunft 06/2020
Das Energy Smart Home Lab: Wenn das Auto mit der Spülmaschine 02/2016


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Minidarstellung des Titelblatts des LookKIT zum Thema Energiewende, Verkehrswende und Nachhaltigkeit, bzw. grüne Energie  
Minidarstellung der Titelseite des LookKIT zur Energiewende, zu nachlatiger Energie und zum Energy Lab 2.0  
LookKIT 4/2023 2023
Energy Systems 2050: Solutions for Energy Transition 2020
Bespoke Catalysts for Power-to-X 2020
Innovative Power-to-Gas Technologies for the Energy Transition 2020
Regionaltreffen: Reallabor unter der Lupe 2019
Optimized Mass Storage Facilities for the Future Energy System 2019
KIT Tests Sector Coupling in Real-world Lab 2019
Hannover Messe 2019: Smart Software Systems, New Sensors, and Efficient Energy Technologies 2019
Turning the First Sod for the Energy Lab 2.0 2017
Energy Transition: Smart, Interconnected, Sustainable 2017
Energy Lab 2.0 - the Smart Energiewende Platform 2014



Radio and Television

Bremst Corona den Verkehr aus? 04/2021

Wasserstoff - grüner Boom? (3 Sat)

Power-to-X für die Energiewende (Deutschlandfunk) 04/2020


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