The Security Lab

To ensure that intelligent and highly networked energy systems of the future are safe from cyber attacks, the Security Lab E team is researching various security measures. This is the only way to make the energy transition secure for all participants.

The Security Lab is located in the SEnSSiCC building and ensures the security of intelligent energy systems. Since the energy systems of the future, as they are being researched in the Energy Lab 2.0, are based on the determination and provision of data and thus the control of systems and the communication of individual components with each other, these systems must be protected against attacks. The researchers generate and analyse different attack scenarios using a realistic smart grid model with simulated energy components. Using the data collected, they identify weak points in the energy system and develop countermeasures. For example, a small wind turbine, a battery, a photovoltaic system, a smart meter and communication infrastructure components are networked together for testing purposes.