The Micro Gas Turbine Test Bed

containeranlage mit Mikrogasturbine neben dem Bioliq-Bau. Im Hintergrund der Anlagenverbund und die Produktlagerhalle.A. Bramsiepe, KIT
In order to convert power-to-gas products or biogas into heat and electricity on demand, research is being carried out here using a mobile gas turbine.

The Micro Gas Turbine Test Bed from the German Aerospace Center Stuttgart is operated on KIT Campus North. There, researchers investigate electricity and heat generation with a mobile gas turbine and different gas mixtures; thus, optimizing efficiency.
Electricity from renewable sources is not always and everywhere consistently available. However, surplus green electricity can be converted into molecular energy and stored. Such a gas turbine can be set up at any location, put into operation at short notice and operated with different gas mixtures at any time.
Thus, research on the mobile gas turbine represents the link between storing surplus green energy and covering peak loads.
The heat generated during combustion in the turbine can not only serve the district heating network, but can also be used for industrial processes.

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