Power-to-Heat – the High-temperature Heat Storage System (HOTREG)

Energy from renewable sources must be stored with low losses. The high-temperature heat storage system can store energy for a long time and then provide it when a lot of energy is needed.

Part of the Energy Lab 2.0 is a load-flexible high-temperature solid-state heat storage system that can be heated to over 500°C using green electricity. This technology is therefore also called power-to-heat.
The more efficiently energy can be stored, the better the energy supply of the future will be. Thus, the interaction with different generators and consumers is tested and optimised at this heat storage facility. Experiments are also conducted with different materials and insulation options.
For the experiments, simulation studies on thermomechanical behaviour and integration into the IT concept of the Energy Lab are also helpful.
The so-called HOTREG is located at the German Aerospace Center in Stuttgart.

Technical details about the high-temperature heat accumulator can be found here.

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