Energy Grids Simulation and Analysis Laboratory (EGSAL)

Großer Clustercomputer auf der linken Seite. Mann der am Computer arbeitet auf der rechten Seite.
This hardware and software infrastructure models, simulates and analyses the interconnection of energy producers, storage facilities and consumers. In this way, all types of energy can be taken into account in the energy grid of the future.

The Energy Grids Simulation and Analysis Laboratory in the SEnSSiCC building combines hardware and software components for simulating, modelling and optimising energy grids. All four sectors (electricity, gas, heat and fuel) are taken into account.

Different energy networks, so-called grids, are investigated, microgrids (e.g. house grids or the KIT Campus North Grid) and interconnected grids (the Karlsruhe city grid) as well as large transport grids (e.g. transmission and distribution grids in Baden- Württemberg and Germany or the Central European Interconnected Grid).

The main components of EGSAL are a Real-Time-Dynamic Simulation Cluster and two NovaCore-Racks, which are connected to the KIT data centre via a high-speed network. On these racks, power grids, gas grids, and heat grids and, accordingly, new plant components and systems can be explored during simulation.

In addition, virtual plants - for example, wind power plants - can be simulated and integrated into the model grid. In these simulations, weather data is considered to illustrate and analyse the energy demand and energy production under constantly changing weather conditions.