Smart Energy System Control Laboratory (SESCL)

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This experimental setup is used to research modern power engineering systems and new control algorithms. The results correspond to real grid environments.

The Smart Energy System Control Laboratory is part of the SEnSSiCC. Here, the energy technology systems of the Energy Lab 2.0 are routed so that energy networks of the future can be simulated flexibly. The core of the SESCL is a busbar matrix. It consists of many electromagnetic switches - so-called contactors; in addition, converters and transformers. The PV systems, battery storage units and charging stations of the Energy Lab 2.0 are coupled to it for experiments. Consumers, producers and prosumers – i.e. consumers that also produce energy themselves – can be easily connected for realistic experiments.

This matrix can be operated with direct current as well as with alternating current.

In addition, the matrix is decoupled from the public power grid in order to be able to experiment with control strategies in marginal areas. Thus, operating points close to the stability limits can be safely controlled. 

Friedrich Wiegel
Friedrich Wiegel
Head of Smart Energy System Control Laboratory (SESCL)

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