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In this section, you find a selection of papers and scientific articles from and around the Energy Lab 2.0.

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Appino, R. R.; Munoz-Ortiz, M.; Gonzalez Ordiano, J. A.; Mikut, R.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Faulwasser, T. Reliable Dispatch of Renewable Generation via Charging of Time-varying PEV Populations.

Appino, R. R.; González Ordiano, J. Á.; Mikut, R.; Faulwasser, T.; Hagenmeyer, V. On the use of probabilistic forecasts in scheduling of renewable energy sources coupled to storages.

Appino, R. R.; Muhlpfordt, T.; Faulwasser, T.; Hagenmeyer, V. On solving probabilistic load flow for radial grids using polynomial chaos.

Çakmak, H.; Erdmann, A.; Kyesswa, M.; Kühnapfel, U.; Hagenmeyer, V. A new distributed co-simulation architecture for multi-physics based energy systems integration.

Cakmak, H. K.; Maass, H.; Bach, F.; Kühnapfel, U.; Hagenmeyer, V. Ein Ansatz zur automatisierten Erstellung umfangreicher und komplexer Simulationsmodelle für elektrische Übertragungsnetze aus OpenStreetMap-Daten = An attempt for fully automated generation of large-scale and complex simulation models for electrical transmission networks derived from OpenStreetMap data.

Dittmeyer, R.; Klumpp, M.; Kant, P.; Ozin, G. Crowd oil not crude oil.

Elbez, G.; Keller, H. B.; Hagenmeyer, V. (IAI, KIT) A New Classification of Attacks against the Cyber-Phsyical Security of Smart Grids.

Elbez, G.; Keller, H. B.; Bohara, A.; Nahrstedt, K.; Hagenmeyer, V. Detection of DoS Attacks Using ARFIMA Modeling of GOOSE Communication in IEC 61850 Substations.

Elbez, G.; Keller, H. B.; Hagenmeyer, V. Authentication of GOOSE Messages under Timing Constraints in IEC 61850 Substations.

Elbez, G.; Keller, H. B.; Hagenmeyer, V. A new classification of attacks against the cyber-physical security of smart grids.

Elbez. G.; Nahrstedt, K.; Hagenmeyer, V. Early Attack Detection for Securing GOOSE Network Traffic.

Elkadragy, Mohamed (ETI, KIT) M. et al. Contrastive Techno-Economic analysis Concept for Off-Grid Hybrid Renewable Electricity Systems.

Elkadragy, Mohamed (ETI, KIT) M. et al. Off-Grid Hybrid Renewable Electricity System (OHRES) technolo-economic assessment, system size optimization and design - Poster.

Erdmann, A.; Marcellan, A.; Hering, D.; Suriyah, M.; Ulbrich, C.; Henke, M.; Xhonneux, A.; Müller, D.; Schlatmann, R.; Hagenmeyer, V. On Verification of Designed Energy Systems Using Distributed Co-Simulations.

Erdmann, A.; Çakmak, H. K.; Kuhnapfel, U.; Hagenmeyer, V. A New Communication Concept for Efficient Configuration of Energy Systems Integration Co-Simulation.

Gabriel, R.; Matthes, J.; Keller, H. B.; Hagenmeyer, V. Detection and Localization of Manipulated Smart Meters Using Super State Hidden Markov Models.

Geiger, A.; Nichersu, A.; Hagenmeyer, V. Sensitivity of input data in building heating energy demand simulation.

Geiger, A.; Benner, J.; Häfele, K.-H.; Hagenmeyer, V. Building Energy Simulations at Urban Scale Based on Standardised Data Models [in press].

Geiger, A.; Hagenmeyer, V. Thermal Energy Simulation of Buildings based on the CityGML Energy Application Domain Extension.

Geiger, A.; Hagenmeyer, V. Prüfung von openBIM Gebäudemodellen für die thermische Gebäudesimulation.

González Ordiano, J. Á.; Gröll, L.; Mikut, R.; Hagenmeyer, V. Probabilistic energy forecasting using the nearest neighbors quantile filter and quantile regression.

González Ordiano, J. Á.; Remo Appino, R.; Faulwasser, T.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Mikut, R. On the creation of quantile regression based scenario and parametric probabilistic forecasts in the context of energy forecasting.

González Ordiano, J. Á.; Bartschat, A.; Ludwig, N.; Braun, E.; Waczowicz, S.; Renkamp, N.; Peter, N.; Düpmeier, C.; Mikut, R.; Hagenmeyer, V. Concept and benchmark results for Big Data energy forecasting based on Apache Spark.

González Ordiano, J. Á.; Waczowicz, S.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Mikut, R. Energy forecasting tools and services.

Grün, T.; Mast, M.; Scharz, B. (Batterietechnikum, KIT) Batterien: Großspeicherwahl.

Hagenmeyer, V.; Cakmak, H. K.; Düpmeier, C.; Faulwasser, T.; Isele, J.; Keller, H. B.; Kohlhepp, P.; Kühnapfel, U.; Stucky, U.; Waczowicz, S.; Mikut, R. Information and communication technology in energy lab 2.0: Smart energies system simulation and control center with an open-street-map-based power flow simulation example.

Heidrich, B.; Turowski, M.; Ludwig, N.; Mikut, R.; Hagenmeyer, V. Forecasting energy time series with profile neural networks.

Jakob, W.; Gonzalez-Ordiano, J. Á.; Ludwig, N.; Mikut, R.; Hagenmeyer, V. Towards coding strategies for forecasting-based scheduling in smart grids and the energy lab 2.0.

Jumar, R.; Maaß, H.; Kühnapfel, U.; Hagenmeyer, V. Synchronized continuous high-rate time-series recording in distribution grids for accurate evaluation.

Jumar, R.; Erdmann, A.; Maaß, H.; Kühnapfel, U.; Hagenmeyer, V. Open Source 3-Phase Function Generator for Smart Grid Experiments and Monitoring Device Testing.

Jumar, R.; Maaß, H.; Hagenmeyer, V. Comparison of lossless compression schemes for high rate electrical grid time series for smart grid monitoring and analysis.

Karrari, S.; Ludwig, N.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Noe, M. A method for sizing centralised energy storage systems using standard patterns.

Keller, H. B.; Schneider, O.; Matthes, J.; Hagenmeyer, V. Zuverlässige und sichere Software offener Automatisierungssysteme der Zukunft – Herausforderungen und Lösungswege.

Khalloof, H.; Jakob, W.; Shahoud, S.; Duepmeier, C.; Hagenmeyer, V. A Generic Scalable Method for Scheduling Distributed Energy Resources Using Parallelized Population-Based Metaheuristics.

Khalloof, H.; Ostheimer, P.; Jakob, W.; Shahoud, S.; Düpmeier, C.; Hagenmeyer, V. Superlinear Speedup of Parallel Population-Based Metaheuristics: A Microservices and Container Virtualization Approach.

Khalloof, H.; Ostheimer, P.; Jakob, W.; Shahoud, S.; Duepmeier, C.; Hagenmeyer, V. A distributed Modular Scalable and Generic Framework for Parallelizing Population Based Metaheuristics.

Khalloof, H.; Jakob, W.; Liu, J.; Braun, E.; Shahoud, S.; Duepmeier, C.; Hagenmeyer, V. A generic distributed microservices and container based framework for metaheuristic optimization.

Kirsch, Hannah Dezentrale Synthese strombasierter flüssiger Kraftstoffe über die Fischer-Tropsch-Route (Dissertation).

Kleinert, T.; Zahn, F.; Hagenmeyer, V. On complexity reduction of the discrete-event subsystem of Flat Hybrid Automata for control design.

Kohlhepp, P.; Harb, H.; Wolisz, H.; Waczowicz, S.; Müller, D.; Hagenmeyer, V. Large-scale grid integration of residential thermal energy storages as demand-side flexibility resource: A review of international field studies.

Kyesswa, M.; Cakmak, H. K.; Groll, L.; Kuhnapfel, U.; Hagenmeyer, V. A hybrid analysis approach for transient stability assessment in power systems.

Kyesswa, M.; Cakmak, H. K.; Kühnapfel, U.; Hagenmeyer, V. A Matlab-Based Simulation Tool For The Analysis Of Unsymmetrical Power System Transients In Large Networks.

Kyesswa, M.; Cakmak, H. K.; Kuhnapfel, U.; Hagenmeyer, V. Generator Model Extension for Higher Accuracy Simulation of Power System Transients in OpenModelica.

Kyesswa, M.; Cakmak, H.; Kuhnapfel, U.; Hagenmeyer, V. A Matlab-Based Dynamic Simulation Module for Power System Transients Analysis in the eASiMOV Framework.

Kyesswa, M.; Murray, A.; Schmurr, P.; Cakmak, H.; Kühnapfel, U.; Hagenmeyer, V. Impact of Grid Partitioning Algorithms on Combined Distributed AC Optimal Power Flow and Parallel Dynamic Power Grid Simulation.

Kyesswa, M.; Cakmak, H.; Kühnapfel, U.; Hagenmeyer, V. Dynamic Modeling and Control for Assessment of Large-Scale Wind and Solar Integration in Power Systems.

Kyesswa, M.; Cakmak, H.; Kühnapfel, U.; Hagenmeyer, V. Dynamic Modeling of Wind and Solar Power Generation with Grid Support for Large-Scale Integration in Power Systems.

Kyesswa, M.; Schmurr, P.; Cakmak, H. K.; Kühnapfel, U.; Hagenmeyer, V. A New Julia-Based Parallel Time-Domain Simulation Algorithm for Analysis of Power System Dynamics.

Liu, J.; Braun, E.; Dupmeier, C.; Kuckertz, P.; Ryberg, D. S.; Robinius, M.; Stolten, D.; Hagenmeyer, V. A Generic and Highly Scalable Framework for the Automation and Execution of Scientific Data Processing and Simulation Workflows.

Liu, J.; Braun, E.; Düpmeier, C.; Kuckertz, P.; Ryberg, D.; Robinius, M.; Stolten, D.; Hagenmeyer, V. Architectural Concept and Evaluation of a Framework for the Efficient Automation of Computational Scientific Workflows: An Energy Systems Analysis Example.

Ludwig, N.; Waczowicz, S.; Mikut, R.; Hagenmeyer, V. Mining Flexibility Patterns in Energy Time - Series from Industrial Processes.

Maaß, H.; Cakmak, H. K.; Bach, F.; Mikut, R.; Harrabi, A.; Süß, W.; Jakob, W.; Stucky, K.-U.; Kühnapfel, U. G.; Hagenmeyer, V. Data processing of high-rate low-voltage distribution grid recordings for smart grid monitoring and analysis.

Meisenbacher, S.; Schwenk, K.; Galenzowski, J.; Waczowicz, S.; Mikut, R.; Hagenmeyer, V. Smart Chargin of Electric Vehicles with Cloud-based Optimization and a Lightweight User Interface - A Real-World Application in the Energy Lab 2.0: Poster.

Mühlpfordt, T.; Faulwasser, T.; Roald, L.; Hagenmeyer, V. Comments on Truncation Errors for Polynomial Chaos Expansions.

Mühlpfordt, T.; Findeisen, R.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Faulwasser, T. Errata for “Comments on Truncation Errors for Polynomial Chaos Expansions”.

Mühlpfordt, T.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Faulwasser, T. Uncertainty Quantification for Optimal Power Flow Problems.

Mühlpfordt, T.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Molzahn, D. K.; Misra, S. Optimal adaptive power flow linearizations: Expected error minimization using polynomial chaos expansion.

Mühlpfordt, T.; Roald, L.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Faulwasser, T.; Misra, S. Chance-constrained AC optimal power flow - A polynomial chaos approach.

Mühlpfordt, T.; Faulwasser, T.; Hagenmeyer, V. Optimal Power Flow Subject to Non-Gaussian Stochastic Uncertainties: An L²-based Approach.

Mühlpfordt, T.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Faulwasser, T. The Price of Uncertainty: Chance-Constrained OPF vs. in-Hindsight OPF.

Mühlpfordt, T.; Faulwasser, T.; Roald, L.; Hagenmeyer, V. Solving optimal power flow with non-Gaussian uncertainties via polynomial chaos expansion.

Mühlpfordt, T.; Faulwasser, T.; Hagenmeyer, V. Solving stochastic AC power flow via polynomial chaos expansion.

Murray, A.; Kyesswa, M.; Schmurr, P.; Cakmak, H.; Hagenmeyer, V. On Grid Partitioning in AC Optimal Power Flow.

Murray, A.; Schütz, T.; Pan, G.; Müller, D.; Hagenmeyer, V. On modelling effects in the battery and thermal storage scheduling problem.

Murray, A.; Hagenmeyer, V. Convergence of Mixed-Integer ALADIN.

Murray, A.; Hagenmeyer, V. A New Distributed Optimization Algorithm for MINLPs with Affinely Coupled Decision Variables.

Murray, A.; Faulwasser, T.; Hagenmeyer, V. Mixed-Integer vs. Real-Valued Formulations of Battery Scheduling Problems.

Murray, A.; Engelmann, A.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Faulwasser, T. Hierarchical Distributed Mixed-Integer Optimization for Reactive Power Dispatch.

Noto, G.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Appino, R. R.; Chicco, G. Determination of Feasible Power Variability Ranges in Active Distribution Networks with Uncertain Generation and Demand.

Ottenburger, S. S.; Kemal Çakmak, H.; Jakob, W.; Blattmann, A.; Trybushnyi, D.; Raskob, W.; Kühnapfel, U.; Hagenmeyer, V. A Novel Optimization Method for Urban Resilient and Fair Power Distribution Preventing Critical Network States.

Phipps, K.; Ludwig, N.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Mikut, R. Potential of Ensemble Copula Coupling for Wind Power Forecasting.

Priebe, J.; Wehbring, N.; Chang, H.; Moser, A.; Cakmak, H. K.; Kühnapfel, U.; Hagenmeyer, V. Exploiting Unused Capacity in the Grid.

Reibelt, K.; Elbez, G.; Schneider, O.; Matthes, J; Keller, H. B. (IAI, KIT) Preliminary Approaches for improving the Smart Grid Cyber Security.

Reibelt, K.; Matthes, J.; Keller, H. B.; Hagenmeyer, V. Identification and Localization of Cyber-Attacks in Industrial Facilities.

Rydin Gorjão, L.; Jumar, R.; Maass, H.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Yalcin, G. C.; Kruse, J.; Timme, M.; Beck, C.; Witthaut, D.; Schäfer, B. Open database analysis of scaling and spatio-temporal properties of power grid frequencies.

Sandmeier, T.; Scharnhorst, L; Kraft, E.; Lehmann, N.; Ardone, A.; Fichtner, W. (IIP, KIT) Akzeptanz und Verhalten gegenüber verschiedenen Anreizen zur Bereitstellung netzdienlicher Flexibilität in privaten Haushalten: Praktische Untersuchungen im Reallabor Energy Smart Home Lab - Poster

Sass, S.; Faulwasser, T.; Hollermann, D. E.; Kappatou, C. D.; Sauer, D.; Schütz, T.; Shu, D. Y.; Bardow, A.; Gröll, L.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Müller, D.; Mitsos, A. Model compendium, data, and optimization benchmarks for sector-coupled energy systems.

Sauer, D.; Jumar, R.; Lutz, R.; Schlachter, T.; Schmitt, C.; Hagenmeyer, V. Towards Smart Buildings: A Versatile Acquisition Setup for Indoor Climate Data.

Scholl, T. H.; Gröll, L.; Hagenmeyer, V. Time delay in the swing equation: A variety of bifurcations.

Scholl, T. H.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Gröll, L. Grundprinzipien für die Abschätzung von Einzugsbereichen in Totzeitsystemen.

Schumilin, A.; Duepmeier, C.; Stucky, K.-U.; Hagenmeyer, V. A Consistent View of the Smart Grid: Bridging the Gap between IEC CIM and IEC 61850.

Schumilin, A.; Stucky, K.-U.; Sinn, F.; Hagenmeyer, V. Towards ontology-based network model management and data integration for smart grids.

Schwenk, K.; Faix, M.; Mikut, R.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Appino, R. R. On Calendar-Based Scheduling for User-Friendly Charging of Plug-In Electric Vehicles.

Shahoud, S.; Khalloof, H.; Duepmeier, C.; Hagenmeyer, V. Incorporating Unsupervised Deep Learning into Meta Learning for Energy Time Series Forecasting.

Shahoud, S.; Gunnarsdottir, S.; Khalloof, H.; Düpmeier, C.; Hagenmeyer, V. Facilitating and Managing Machine Learning and Data Analysis Tasks in Big Data Environments using Web and Microservice Technologies. 

Waczowicz, S.; Müller-Langer, F.; Kröner, M.; Steubing, M.; Fischedick, M.; Weigel, P.; Hagenmeyer, V. Chancen der Digitalisierung für die Energiewende.

Wang, L.; Turowski, M.; Zhang, M.; Riedel, T.; Beigl, M.; Mikut, R.; Hagenmeyer, V. Point and contextual anomaly detection in building load profiles of a university campus.

Weber, M; Kyesswa, M; Kühnapfel, U.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Çakmak, H. K.: Case Study of Designing a Locally Distributed Real-Time Infrastructure.

Wiegel, F.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Oberschmidt, G. Cross-Media Mesh Networks for Smart Home and Smart Grid Applications.

Zwickel, P.; Engelmann, A.; Gröll, L.; Hagenmeyer, V.; Sauer, D.; Faulwasser, T. A Comparison of Economic MPC Formulations for Thermal Building Control.