Research Topics of the Energy Lab 2.0

Collage aus verschiedenen fotos, die von den Symbbolen auf den Scheiben des SEnSSiCC-Gebäudes gemacht wurden. Dargetellt u.a. das Internet, Häuser, Chatfenster.H. Blum; S. Geißler, KIT
To efficiently enable the energy transition, it is indispensable to conduct research in different directions and to consider different approaches. Below you can read more about the research topics in the Energy Lab 2.0.

The Energy Lab 2.0 consists of various facilities that are combined to form a plant network. The majority of the labs and facilities are located on the Campus North of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).In front of the large photovoltaic field are large-scale battery storage facilities, container plants for methanation and power-to-liquid synthesis, and a gas turbine test stand

However, some facilities are located at the Jülich Research Center and the German Aerospace Center in Stuttgart - namely electrolysis and high-temperature heat storage. The Energy Smart Home Lab is located on KIT's Campus South.

The data of the facilities converge in the Smart Energy System Simulation and Control Center - SEnSSiCC for short. The SEnSSiCC consists of the following laboratories: SESCL, EGSAL, CMVC and PHIL. There, data will be analyzed, evaluated and new intelligent networking strategies will be developed on this basis. The Security Lab protects the data and the energy grid of the future from hackers.