The Energy Smart Home Lab (ESHL)

Küche des Containerhauses mit Smartphone-App im vordergrund zur Steuerung der intelligenten HaushaltsgeräteA. Drollinter, KIT; S. Geißler
Under real conditions, the energy consumption of a household can be measured and optimised using the latest technologies.

The Energy Smart Home Lab is located at KIT Campus Süd. It consists of a container with a 60sqm apartment with two bedrooms, its own photovoltaic system, a combined heat and power plant, a home storage tank, a heat pump, and all common household appliances. All household appliances are interconnected and linked to the energy suppliers. The ESHL is temporarily inhabited for research reasons.

The researchers observe and analyse the energy production, the real energy consumption and the feed-in of the surplus energy into the power grid. By linking it to the PHIL-system, the researchers can investigate the impact of the consumers on the power grid and develop appropriate control mechanisms.