Power Hardware in the Loop (PHIL)

Schaltschränke und Verstärker auf zwei Ebenen in Reihen angeordnet. Person steht am Gewerk.A. Bramsiepe; M. Breig; S. Geißler, KIT
Storage systems and superconductors are modeled, developed and tested under real conditions on this test field.

Power Hardware in the Loop is a virtual real-time simulation environment that integrates real power devices. Located at SEnSSiCC, this experimental field consists of power amplifiers (up to 1 MVA) and measurement systems, as well as a training station (up to 30 kVA) for study and testing purposes.

On this facility, researchers can safely test new grid components, grid topologies and grid technologies in different operating situations at millisecond intervals. All tests can be repeated and the results can thus be verified.

By interconnecting with the other laboratories and plants of the Energy Lab 2.0 - for example, the solar field or the power-to-X plants - future energy systems can be represented. Here, too, the focus is on operating costs and, of course, on the intelligent use of renewable energy.