The 1MW Photovoltaic Field

Blick über den Solaspeicherpark mit seinen Solarpanels. Im Hintergrund befinden sich die Bioliqanlage und das SEnSSiCC-Gebäude
Photovoltaic systems are always associated with the energy transition. This research infrastructure is used to test the interaction of the latest panels, power converters, and setting parameters.

The most conspicuous and largest part of Energy Lab 2.0 in terms of area is the large solar park on KIT Campus North. In various orientations, inclinations and configurations, 102 solar tables with 40 modules each are located there. These are interconnected with various inverters. Every second, the solar field provides information on energy generation. Large lithium-ion and redox-flow battery systems store the electrical energy harvested in this way and release it when needed. Thus, the interaction of the different technologies can be evaluated, analyzed and optimized for future applications on company premises or private homes. The plant also provides electricity to KIT and reduces its energy costs by about 200,000€ per year.