The Plant Network

Anlagenverbund aus der Vogelperspektive. Links auf der Luftaufnahme die Häuser es Living Lab und das SEnSSiCC-Gebäude, oben im Bild die das Testsolarfeld, mittig im Bild die Container der Power-to-X-Anlagen und rechts die Produktlagerhallte. W. Müller, S. Geißler, KIT
Changes in all energy sectors are necessary to make the energy transition successful. In the plant network, scenarios are tested and electricity is generated, converted or stored in many different ways, and released when needed.

In addition to the SEnSSiCC laboratories, a plant network is at the centre of research in Energy Lab 2.0. In these plants, for example, fuels - so-called e-fuels - are produced in the power-to-liquid container from CO2 from the air and green electricity. Likewise, climate-neutral methane can be produced in the power-to-gas plants for the generation of energy in a gas turbine. In addition, various electrolysis processes are used and tested at KIT and Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ).
Of course, the green electricity is not only chemically stored; there are also other storage processes: The plant network includes two large battery storage systems connected to a large photovoltaic field and a high-temperature heat storage system at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Stuttgart.